UK Competitions

The mission of the British Octopush Association (BOA) is to ensure that they offer opportunities to compete at underwater hockey for members at all different levels of play and also provide a structure for national competition. They are also responsible for writing and enforcing all of the rules and regulations of the game. It regulates the governance of all competitions in underwater hockey and it manages all of the competitions on a national, regional and local basis annually. The tournaments attempt to accurately represent the wide range of players that are members of the organization and the tournaments endeavour to include everyone. Players and teams are ranked according to the standing in the previous competition in which they completed for both women and men that are competing.

British Octopush Association

The BOA National Championships

This competition, while attempting to be as inclusive as possible, will match teams as equitably as possible to ensure that games remain as viable as possible. All contests run through the spring of each year, from April up to June, featuring teams from all over the country. Players must go through rounds of preliminaries, qualifiers and then finals, each running on separate weekends.

The BOA Nautilus National League
This competition is also based on a national level and includes team from all over Great Britain with the levels determined on the number of teams that register for the event and is generally around 5.

The BOA Ladies National Championships

The top prize for ladies is decided based on the competitions that again run through the spring from April until June and feature country wide teams. As with the men’s nationals, the ladies must compete through the similar preliminary, qualifying and final rounds. Since 2012, this contest has been a standalone event which results in identifying the top level women’s underwater hockey team in Great Britain.

The BOA Junior National Championships

These contests are divided into categories Under 13 years of age and Under 16 years of age, based on the age of the player as of September 1st, similar to the regulations determining school year. Clubs from Orkney Islands to Plymouth are often open to players at these age ranges with some clubs accepting members as young as eight years old. They will need to qualify based on their ability to swim an assigned distance and be comfortable with being submerged as they develop the skills and learn to play underwater hockey. Becoming effective at playing and being able to play in matches, games or contests can take an undetermined amount of time. It will take not only the appropriate skills but it also requires a degree of confidence. Until players reach a level of competence where competitive play is viable, most games are played for fun and fitness.
Free Trials

Most clubs offer free trial sessions and you will need to check with your local club to see if this is an option in your area. If so, this gives new players and opportunity to try out underwater hockey to see if they enjoy the sport.

Student Nationals

This features University teams and is hosted by a different university each year. This features University teams and is hosted by a different university each year, usually in March. Students can check with their university to see if they have a team entering.

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