Max van Rechem Interview

Max van Rechem started playing underwater hockey in 1996 and thus has now been playing for almost 20 years. He currently plays on the East Coast of the US with Westwood and MIT. Max says that he really loves playing a sport with so many dimensions, where communication is done wordlessly and where he can have a really great time with friends, his team and even with his opponent. Max does not believe that there is another sport in the world that gives you all of that and because the sport is considered fairly new, there are numerous ways in which it can still develop. Max is involved as a player as well as a coach and a referee so he has ample opportunity to offer ways to improve on the sport.

Max van Rechem

Van Rechem was one of the players that was at the World Championship event in Eger, Hungary and was delighted that he had a chance to come back for this prestigious competition. He says that playing at the highest level is one of the best parts of being involved in the sport and that he dedicates a great deal of time into ensuring that he can compete. He works out twice a day and engages in contests whenever he can. Now that he is living in the United States, he is playing with different team mates and the experiences often feel new.

Max says he trained for 2 years for the Worlds based on a program that he developed, doing three UW workouts weekly as well as playing games each week. Additionally, he worked a TRX program at the gym daily and also stretched as often as possible. That pretty much maxed out his time as he has a family and works elsewhere seeing as he plays on an amateur basis. Max says he is satisfied with how Team USA played at the World Championships in light of the fact that it was their first time attending since 2006 so he felt that 9th was a decent ranking. He also says that there is much work to be done in preparing for the next world event and that fitness will have to be one of the team’s priorities. As well, van Rechem says that they’ll be watching games and analyzing where specific skills need to be worked on. The team will need to play as many games as they can to build a rapport and finesse their style and skills. Max will rely on good coaching to help them determine what needs to be done both individually and as a team. He believes that if he is at his optimal fitness level, it will work out well.

Max also mentions how well supported he feels due to the sponsorship of CanAm. He enjoys the trust in his ability that this implies and he feels the same way about the brand. He is happy to endorse it whenever he gets the chance. He has a belief in their products and provides the company with as much feedback as possible based on his experience in using the equipment. He feels that the company has a dedication to the sport and he is happy to be involved in that.

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