Fundraising for Underwater Hockey

Trying to raise the funds to support the sport of underwater hockey can be a rather tricky undertaking. Many people wonder why this can end up being so very frustrating for coaches, players and supporters of the sport and generally speaking, one the primary obstacles is the ability to create a compelling event that entices people to part with their hard earned cash.

underwater hockey

Attempts that have been made by many involved in underwater hockey have frequently proved unsuccessful and there have been many ways in which players and others have taken on that have come up with little to no results. So why is fundraising so difficult in this circumstance? What are some of the reasons that past efforts have come up with nothing up to this point?

First of all there seems to be an overall lack of leadership in this regard. Many champion the sport from the perspective of playing, training, recruiting and coaching but so few are willing to invest the required amounts that are required to support the cost of continued play. There is also very little in terms of accounting and record keeping that have established a success rate for methods that work against methods that fall flat. People may rally for support for travel or rental amounts but there is no documentation that sets up a strategy to be repeated or improved upon.

One element that might be considered is the responsibility of coaches in making this a focused and concentrated part of their job descriptions. Coaches should be expected to put in a daily effort to make fundraising a part of their mandate. When schools on both a high school and college levels take on underwater hockey, the fundraising strategy should be implemented at the very start. So often now, schools are finding less and less administrative support for sports with budget cuts and teachers and coached being overworked in other areas. The sports that turn a profit are generally the ones that will get the small amounts that are left in the budget for extracurricular activities.

With the winter Olympics having just been completed and with the summer games approaching in the near future, groups and organization need to help to find ways for universities to continue to be able to offer team and individual based sports to their student and make sure that there are ways for interested athletes to be able to continue to train to go after their competitive dreams. Underwater hockey, sadly, is not an Olympic sport and thus often doesn’t even register in the minds and budgets of most schools and organization.
If you look at some other sports, such as snowboarding, there was a same void in this event in the Olympics not that long ago. The appearance of some big players on the scene was integral in grabbing the necessary attention to get snowboarding on people’s radar. Competitors such as Shaun White and others really took the spotlight in the world and now the sport is one of the biggest draws in the winter Olympics. The hype and the support that has accumulated for snowboarding is now immense and this is something that would also benefit underwater hockey.

Who is underwater hockey’s Shaun White? Once the sport can grab that kind of acclaim, the funding will simply come.

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