Brambilla Named Coach of Men’s Masters Team

Darryl Brambilla has recently been selected by the Canadian Underwater Game Association as the coach for the Men’s Masters Team for the 2016 World Championships for underwater hockey. This was announced by CUGA and everyone would like to extend a warm note of welcome and congratulations to Brambilla. The Worlds is an amazing underwater hockey event and there have been many excellent players involved in the tournament in the past and some will continue to be engaged. Many have and will get the chance to participate at the competition at some point through their underwater hockey careers.

Canadian Underwater Game Association

The Canadian Masters will be returning to participate in the tournament for the first time since 2006 and the training will begin almost immediately to make sure that the team is at their competitive best and will be able to vie for the big win. With two years to prepare prior to the championships, all the players must come together to put forth their very best effort in investing all of the time and energy that is available to each of them to move the teams position forward and be able to achieve the ultimate result of bringing home the World Championship in 2016.

While the specific date has not yet been confirmed the scheduling will occur in the spring in either March or April, possibly in Capetown, South Africa. For the Canadian Mens Masters team to have a sufficient impact all team members will need to make commitments from a physical, time related and financial point of view. All team members should contact Brambilla with their contact information, game statistics and availability.
Darryl Brambilla formerly was also appointed the Tournament Chief Referee for the 2013 Americas Cup as well as holding other prestigious positions in underwater hockey throughout the years. Darryl has been engaged in the sport for almost 20 years, having started to play the game in 1996. As a player, Brambilla has been involved in twelve Canadian National Championships so he is a qualified veteran player with an enormous amount of experience to bring to the table. He began refereeing in underwater hockey in the year 2000 and in that capacity, he has been involved with the officiating at the World Championships in five individual years including 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2010 and 2011. In 2006, he also played on the Canadian Master team at the World Championship event. In 2007, Darryl became the Chief Referee for Canada.

Darryl is extremely invested in the game and he invests a large portion of his time engaged in traveling to underwater hockey competitions across North America, not only as a player but also as a referee. As Chief Referee he has been involved in providing training to many other new referees and he has been integral in working to help improve the standards of play through his participation, his advocacy and his refereeing. His role of coach is very encouraging for the team and everyone can look forward to intense preparation that will potentially lead them to high standings and the World Championship.

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