Betting on the NHL Spread

First, in order to get started, we need to look at what a NHL spread is. This is a method of betting that is scheduled for each game during the week. Some bettors or sport enthusiast may know this form of betting from NBA or the NFL games. In the NHL you will have a spread number that is usually set at around 1.5. The team that’s favoured will be set above the spread this means they will need to win by at least 2 goals, but we will have a look at the details in point spread a little further down. Every game will have a spread, but the team needed to cover this spread isn’t always the favoured team.

This form of betting makes the game rather interesting and will provide a wide range of bets for each game. Every game will have a point spread as well as a money line, but the money line is a little different and seen as a much easier way to bet. Here you will simple choose a team you think will win the game and place your bet. Obviously your odds will be different depending on the team you bet. The favoured team will usually have a much smaller payout than the underdog, this is because everyone expects the favoured team to win the game. For example; the favoured team could be set at -300 on the bet line, this means you will receive $1.00 for every $3.00 you bet, which is not a bad return, but when you bet on the underdog a lot more risk will be taken, but you will also have a much bigger return if they win.

The underdogs will provide a return of 2/1 for example, this means you will receive $2.00 for every $1.00 you bet, but a much greater risk is involved. The NHL also provides a betting option called over or under as well. With this option bettors will be able to bet on the game rather than a team. The odds maker will research both teams in detail and provide a split of say 2.5 for example. Then add the .5 to prevent a draw. If you place a bet for under 2.5 you are betting that the game will end with a total amount of goals 2 or below. If you bet on over your bet will be placed that 3 or more goals will be scored. It doesn’t matter who scores the most goals or who wins the game. You are simply betting on the total amount of goals.

Bettors will also be able to use props to bet. This doesn’t really mean you are betting on the game itself though. Props are mostly used to bet on specific parts of the game. For example you will be able to place a wager on the first team to score a goal. Once the first goal is scored this bet is closed and winning will be paid out. Using props to bet on a game could be a good way to start off with betting, but it can also be risky as your odds are fairly low. A good resource and tool to use can be found at They have included a informative article about Setting Limits and Why It helps for a Successful Gaming Experience. This is a good read and one that can give you insight on money management pertaining to gaming online.

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