Female Underwater Hockey Player Kim Skukas

Kim Skukas started her Underwater Hockey career while she was in college at the University of Illinois in 2001. While she was there she became involved with a number of high level athletes and began to watch them play and had the opportunity to train with some of them. That really helped to raise the quality of her focus. The training in which she was engaged while she was in Champaign provided her with an excellent foundation to move forward. Some of them introduced her to underwater hockey and she really took to it with fervor.

Kim Skukas

Skukas moved to the Pacific Coast in 2007 and began to play in Oregon and she is now a part of the Oregon Women’s team. She says that she is continually inspired by the games played by her teammate and it keeps her motivated to keep her game at the highest quality.
Kim was one of the players on the US women’s team when they played in the 2010 America’s Cup that was held in Colombia in the city of Medellin. She played again for the national team in Milwaukee in 2011 and in 2013, in Egar Hungary at the Worlds Championship. The US women’s team placed sixth in Hungary out of the sixteen teams that were playing there from a number of international locations.

Skukas say that she is very excited to be a part of the underwater hockey community and that those who play have a passion for the sport that is inspiring to see. She believes that as the attention toward underwater hockey increases, the sport is reaching an exciting point in time. More and more money is being invested into the sport by the athletes themselves as well as sponsors and Skukas is happy to be sponsored by CanAm. The players with the greatest experience are working hard to keep those that are coming up motivated and forward focused on the game and Skukas does her own part to try to mentor rookies whenever she has the chance.

Kim was delighted to have the chance to play on the National team at the World’s as it is the pinnacle level in the game at this time and it was a great accomplishment to have achieved that in her career. She says that it was one of her life goals and she was not disappointed by the experience. Skukas thinks that her career is only now just beginning and she’s excited by what the future will hold for her.

Kim describes the Oregon Team as skilled and motivated and she is happy to be a part of it, playing underwater hockey for the pure enjoyment of the game. She is also grateful for the sponsorship provided to her by CanAm which is integral in helping her pay for traveling play such as the World Championship, not only for the travel and accommodation of attending but also as a means of being able to step away from her day to day life in Oregon without putting herself at financial risk.

Kim says that these kinds of sponsorships help to promote the game and invigorates the sport at all levels. She is looking forward to whatever the future holds for her in the underwater hockey world and will take it to the furthest level that she possibly can.

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