$3 Million Hockey Heritage Centre Announced for Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Those who reside in Nova Scotia know that this is truly the birthplace of hockey, one of the most beloved sports around the globe. Unfortunately, no memorial or heritage site stands in the city where hockey was created, until now. The Nova Scotia government announced today that it’s investing $3 Million into the construction of a hockey heritage centre. It will be located in Windsor, Nova Scotia and is slated to consist of dozens of rooms which’ll honour the sport.

Greg Kelley, the Long Pond Hockey Arena Society president made a comment regarding this announcement saying, “Windsor is the cradle in which hockey grew. We’ve wanted to build a shrine to this game for decades, a shine which could be celebrated by hockey fans all around the world. We just want to have our own memorial like Coopertown”. Coopertown for those whom don’t know is the birthplace of baseball & they have their own memorial heritage centre honouring the game.

Unfortunately, the $3 Million given by the Nova Scotia government isn’t the full amount needed in order to have the structure built to its full heights. In order to build the “Window Hockey Heritage Centre” it’ll cost $14.7 Million, the rest of which will hopefully be supplied by the federal government. Due to the sport of hockey being so embedded into the history & culture of Canada, it won’t be surprising to see if the Canadian Federal Government will provide the other $11.7 Million to build this city. If this is accomplished by the end of February, the facility would open its doors in September 2017.