Sudbury Hockey Team Holds Annual Charity Event

All over Boston, Hockey is known as the sport played by children and beloved by all. One of the best memories any Boston child shall have is going to the coffee shop, getting hot chocolate & donuts before your local game and then playing on the ice with your friends. Unfortunately for one family this was all changed with Scott Milley died from enemy first during the first month of his firth tour in Afghanistan.

Scott Milley

Out of his death came sadness from not just his family but the community as a whole. He was the previous hockey captain for the regional high school, during the colder season this is where sports fans would go to watch their local pro’s play hockey. Luckily happiness has also come out of his death, since 2011, a year since he passed there has been an annual charity hockey event in his honor which sets to benefit families widowed from the Afghanistan War. Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been raised during the last four years.

The two boys whom are the sons of Mr. Milley attend this charity event every year, lacing up their skates and putting on brave young faces for their mother. This story still, four years later rocks the state of Boston. Those whom serve in the army and die in the line of duty will always be honoured greatly in the United States of America & rightfully so as they defend a country which stands for freedom. May United States Army Ranger Scott F. Milley Rest in Peace.