Second Annual “Fire on Ice” Hockey Match Coming

The second annual fire on ice hockey match which takes place every end of November will be underway as of Saturday. The “Fire on Ice” hockey match pits two separate fire departments against one another for charity. This year it’s Ventura Country for Princeton Avenue, both teams will play one another in hopes of generating thousands of dollars in order to help multiple children whom have mental disabilities.

Ventura Country

The money being raised will be donated to a variety of deserving families with children whom have autism, epilepsy, Asperger’s, physical or intellectual disabilities. The reasoning for these fire fighters participation isn’t just become their natural heroes but because they all have children whom have mental disabilities of some sort, rather it being even ADHD. These firefighters understand it can be a struggle, so strapping up the skates only makes sense.

Last year these firefighters were able to generate $3,000 in revenue but this year through a minimum $10 ticket donation price, they’ve already been able to earn $4,000 before the game has even started. This is thanks to a few people whom will be attending the event that paid far more than the $10 minimum donation price for tickets. They expect that this year they’ll be able to clear $5,000 to $6,000 which is an increase of 40-50%. This hockey game is slated to begin on Saturday November 28th, 2015 at 2:45 P.M. Fans of last year’s games are hoping for the same raw excitement that they received last year.