NHL Players Dress Up for Halloween

NHL Players all around North America have participated in the yearly Halloween festivities. Many of them taking to their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or various other social media platforms to showcase their costumes for this year. Needless to say this October features some of the more creative costumes seen in recent years, rather it be superheroes to Disney characters.

T.J. Oshie with his wife Lauren Oshie

The first professional hockey player to show off his costume for this year was Washington Capitals Star, T.J. Oshie with his wife Lauren Oshie. These two stars decided to dress up as Cruella De Vil and a Dalmatian. This costume truly showed off the best curves while shows that these two couples might be into something a little bit naughtier then like to admit.
Michael Latta on the other hand decided to be a bit more original with his costume. This hockey star choose to go as Tom Hank’s character in Castaway while his friend played Wilson, the volleyball which was stained by the blood of the castaway. This tweeted out picture got thousands of favourites, including one from Tom Hanks as well.

Alex Ovechkin on the other hand decided to dress up as the caped crusader, he dressed at Batman while his wife to be choose to be Cat Woman. The new addition to the family, their puppy also made an appearance in their Instagram. He also posted a picture of some of his team mates in their Halloween costumes as well. A bunny, sexy bunny, nurse zombie, gangster zombie, Mickey Mouse, harry potter and a few others made an appearance in the photo.

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