Tim Horton’s Debuts Hockey Card Donuts

Tim Horton’s & Hockey often go hand and hand with one another. Tim Hortons is beloved by almost every Canadian & it’s one of their largest stereotypes, a Canadian can’t go without their cup of Tim Horton’s coffee and for any that’s true. It seems Timmies wants to make their coffee experience a bit more addicting through a new donut that their debuting. This new donut will have edible hockey cards on the top of them, glazed over with various treats.


There is no word as to when these donuts will be going on sale but a number of professional hockey players and hosts received the threat a little bit early. Sophia Jurksztowicz, Justin Bourne, John Shannon and Ron MacLean all received these treats a little early. Each one of them took to their twitter page where they showcased these new edible treats. Already these pictures have been shared and retweeted more than a million times. This clearly shows Tim Horton’s that their fans are willing to pay the extra $0.20 in order to experience Hockey Card Donut.

This isn’t the first time that Tim Horton’s has done something like this. Often they’ll release various treats that go along with the holiday. They also have the Tim Horton’s Hockey League for small children & Tim Horton’s Hockey Cards. Almost all of their commercials indicate hockey in some manner and that’s for a simple reason, Canadians love both hockey and Timmies. Go to your local Tim Horton’s today for a perfect double double.

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