Al Arbour Passes Away At 82

The Hockey Hall of Fame only inducts the best in the league, regardless if you’re a player or a coach. Al Arbour, one of the coaches inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame has passed away at the age of forty two. Mr. Arbour is famous for being the head coach of the New York Islanders back in the 1980’s and taking them onward to win four consecutive Stanley Cup’s. The Islanders and thousands of hockey fans have already begun to morn his death.

Al Arbour

Al Arbour passed away in an unfortunate manner, he has Parkinson’s disease and dementia. This resulted in this incredible coach having the issue of constantly twitching while forgetting his glory days at the same time. The Islanders, who confirmed his death noted that in his final hours he was at peace. Mr. Arbour recalled upon his past and due to medication was able to stay still, enjoying his last few hours. Though he had these issues his death was ultimately caused by old age.

Al Arbour is one of the only reasons that the New York Islanders became a famous team. Before he arrived as the head coach they were considered an “NHL Expansion Team”, which essentially means the team’s future is highly uncertain. Once Mr. Arbour began to train the Islanders they became a team that were feared by all others. It’s very rare that any NHL Team will win four consecutive Stanley Cup’s. Al Arbour will surely be missed by loved ones and hockey fans.

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