Sam Bennet Attends Charity Hockey Tournament

One of the best experiences when being famous is being able to use your name for charity, it is one of the most common aspects about being in the public’s eye. Fans came out to see Mr. Bennet which in return resulted in a mass amount of money being earned for the “Brass Pub Charity Ball Hockey Tournament”.

Sam Bennet

Dozens of different famous hockey players attended this event including the CWHL’s Boston Blades Goalie, Taylor Hall from the Edmonton Oilers, Scoot Harrington from the Toronto Maple Leafs and many other big names were this. Thousands of people came out to watch the full day tournament consisting of eight teams, each game was twenty minutes long with a total of thirty seven celebrity players. As of right now the total amount earned through this tournament hasn’t been revealed as of right now. It is known that Mr. Bennet’s attendance alone was able to bring in $10,000 for the Food Sharing Project. All funds earned through this charity tournament were either given to the “Boys & Girls Club of Kingston” or the Food Sharing Project.

Bennet was also interviewed during a break between games, he noted that he’s been training everyday so that he may be one of the best rookie’s next season. Considering he was also one of the best, this dedication shows that he wants to be the next Sydney Crosby or even Wayne Gretzky. None the less his lifelong efforts were put to good use today at the Brass Pub Charity Ball Hockey Tournament.

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