Charity Hockey Leagues Gaining Popularity in USA

There is a new league of hockey that is gaining popularity within the United States of America. That league is called a “Charity Youth Hockey League” and it’s allowing for hundreds of young children and teenagers the opportunity to experience hockey on the ice for the first time. In order to have these leagues stay in operation they need to have donations come in from parents, locals or businesses.

Charity Youth Hockey League

These charity hockey league teams have been split into two in terms of which children & young adults are allowed into the teams. The first is for those who live in urban housing and cannot afford to play in a league, it also allows them to stay away from the violence they would encounter on the streets. The second kind is pertaining towards children with disabilities who would not be able to play on a normal team. These two separate charity leagues create the games & tournaments, offering special little prizes and more in order to raise money. All vendors and stands that attend these games or tournaments are also donating their earnings to the teams.

This is a surprising yet amazing idea that has begun to sweep the nation. This has been common within Canada for the last decade and a half but to now see it become a norm within the USA is an astonishing moment in time. It’ll allow for other sports to follow in their image within the upcoming years and give these children the chance to experience far more than they could have before.

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