Bill Foley Confident in NHL Las Vegas Team

Las Vegas is the last place you would think of having a professional national hockey league team but this is something that could become a reality as Bill Foley, a seventy year old billionaire expressed years ago that he wishes for an NHL team to come to Las Vegas and it seems that his pipe dream could soon become a reality as his proposal has begun to start picking up steam.

Bill Foley

Bill Foley is so confident in the fact that he will own an NHL Team that he has begun to create the stadium, so much so that the seats and exterior of the inner building is already created. This stadium is slated to be completed in the next couple of months. As of right now there are 13,200 seats built in the stadium with another ten thousand planned. This means that this stadium would be one of the larger in NHL, showing that Bill Foley just doesn’t have confidence in his dream but that he’ll force it upon reality.

Sin City is built upon entertainment and Mr. Foley knows that there is no better form of entertainment then hockey. The number of options is thrilling in Vegas but adding an NHL team would fuel a brand new kind of entertainment in the city that would surely be loved by many fans around the world. We shall inform you as to what happens with this potential Las Vegas National Hockey League team.

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