Big Year For Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are considered to be one of the more horrible teams in the NHL due to countless games where they’ve preformed horribly in the their dozens of seasons since they last won the Stanley Cup. Luckily the last two seasons has seen the Toronto Maple Leafs become far superior then what they once were. This has made Toronto Citizens more than excited as it means their home hockey team no longer isn’t the embarrassment of the NHL. This hasn’t always been the case though as awhile back the Maple Leafs were feared due to players such as Sundin & Domi, that was long ago though and now they seek new popularity in the league.

Maple leafs

It doesn’t matter if the Toronto Maple Leafs are a good hockey team or not, out of all of the NHL Teams across Northern America it is the Toronto Maple Leafs who earn the most money. Every single game is constantly sold out, their memorabilia is sold all across Ontario in a variety of different stores. You see people all the time sporting the logo of the Maple Leafs or representing their love for the team. There is no other NHL Hockey Team who has fans such as the TML.

Luckily this year the Maple Leafs have been doing incredible, they started off the season poorly but have been becoming more of a force not to be reckoned with. Each passing game shows that the Toronto Maple Leafs can become one of the best teams in the NHL once again.

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