Newfoundland Goalie

Twenty six year old Newfoundland Goalie, Patrick O’Brien was getting ready to play against the Corner Brook Royals when his hockey coach rushed into the locker room to tell Mr. O’Brien that a fan had just gone into cardiac arrest and was in need of immediate medical attention. Lucky for this fan Patrick O’Brien is a paramedic who is trained for these kind of situations.

Cornber Brook Royals

When Mr. O’Brien arrived at the scene less than a minute later he seen that this man was in a deep cardiac arrest. He instantly start performing chest compressions and was administering CPR to this man. Once Paramedics on duty arrived at the scene it was Mr. O’Brien who continued to work on this man in the Ambulance as he was aware of his condition fully. The result on Mr. O’Brien’s efforts is that a middle aged man with two children was able to live, he is currently in a stable condition and was given a stent in order to make circulation better in his heart valves.

On top of that the Grand Flyer’s Goaltender was able to see his team win as he was able to make it back to the game within the last five minutes of the third period. Not only did he get to save a life but he also got to see his team win an important game for themselves as it’ll let them first for a local championship.

A congratulations are in order for this man as he did something that will forever be remembered by the patient, his family and anyone who cares for him.

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