Hockey Canada

Hockey is more than a beloved sport in Canada, just as much as Football in imbedded into the European Culture hockey is a part of the Canadian Culture. Hockey Canada is now nearly one hundred years old and as much as Canada has evolved as a country in those one hundred years so has Hockey Canada. They’ve overseen the sport and they’ve created world class teams that would go on to win multiple Stanley Cups.


A few weeks after Canada joined forces with Britain & the USA for World War I, a group of Hockey Executives met within Ottawa on December 14th, 1914. It was there was they would first begin the Canadian Amateur Hockey League which would eventually become the National Hockey League. Hockey has helped the country of Canada get through horrible times, it is a bright spark that we can recall upon while thinking of those horrific times. The most recent moment that Hockey Canada has helped its citizens morn a horrific event is two weeks ago when Corporal Nathan Cirillo died when he stood as a ceremonial guard as the Canadian National War Monument. Prime Minister Steven Harper considers this an act of terror and will be fighting against ISIS due to this attack on a Canadian Soldiers Life.

The next one hundred years will bring massive changes to Canada and the planet Earth. One thing you can expect to remain is Hockey Canada and they will continue to help better the spirits of Canadian Citizens in a trying time in their lives.

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