There has been many rumors surrounding the National Hockey League that last year. You wouldn’t imagine that with all of the teams currently playing in the NHL they would add another team to that list. Unfortunately you’ve thought wrong as the NHL is currently thinking about adding four new franchises to the National Hockey League. The NHL has denied these rumors officially but many insiders have been saying that their denying of these four new franchises is a blatant lie. The fact of the matter is that if these rumors prove to be true then the NHL hasn’t even thought about where they would put these four new franchises.

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Sports commentators have already been talking about these rumors, stating where they believe these new franchises should go. Commentators have been saying that a new hockey team should either go to Vancouver or the greater Toronto area. Vancouver Politicians have even gone as far as to say that their city deserves another National Hockey League Team. These Vancouver Politicians have stated that their citizens love hockey with every inch of their bones and that bringing another team to the city would allow for more profit to come to the NHL as well as the city. The fact of the matter is that the NHL will more than likely not have a second NHL team in cities that already have one.

Las Vegas and Seattle are also two other names being thrown out there by sports commentators. This would prove to be a good investment as neither one of these cities have ever had a professional hockey team, it would allow for a new franchise to truly grow.

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