Don Cherry Vents

Don Cherry is the beloved commentator of Coaches Corner. Each game in the NHL Season is accompanied by Don Cherry during the second intermission. You get to here Mr. Cherry speak about his opinions of the game and his opinions are wise. It is for that reason alone that he is not only so highly respected by Canadians/Americans but it is also why he is famous around the globe.


Don Cherry took to Twitter this weekend after it was claimed that Mr. Cherry previously owned a 10,500 Square Foot home on Mississauga Road. The house which is up for auction right now used Don Cherry’s name in hopes that it would get larger bids and sell faster. Unfortunately for those who are holding the auction Don Cherry got word of what they were doing.

This lead towards Mr. Cherry taking to twitter to vent about these accusations. Some of the tweets he made includes “It’s pretty low for an auction house to use my name to sell a house. People need to check their facts. I have never lived in the house on Mississauga Road. Liars, it is ridiculous for anyone to think that I would live in a 10,500 square foot home.”

BuzzPR, the company responsible for this auction openly apologized to Don Cherry saying that they are sorry for the mix up of information and their sorry for any stress that it might of put on Mr. Cherry. Within two days the auction of this home went down by 35%, showing that the majority only attended the auction in hopes that they could own what Mr. Cherry previously owners.

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