Richards No Longer a Ranger

The New York Rangers, one of the more beloved hockey teams in the NHL, revealed today that one of their veteran players has had their contract bought out. Brad Richards, a long time forward for the New York Rangers has had his contract paid out by the New York Rangers. The Rangers originally signed Brad Richards on for a nine year contract but he has only played with the team for the last six of the nine year contract. Mr. Richards is currently thirty four years old and is past his prime as a hockey player. Keeping him on for three more years could potentially harm the overall flow of the team in future seasons to come. This news saddened fans of Richards as he has been a core member of the Rangers and a supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation.

Brad Richards

Brad Richards did make a short statement saying, “I have been thrilled to have the honor of playing with a team such as the New York Rangers. Playing with my brothers for the last six years is an experience that I will never forget, I have dozens of stories that I will now be able to tell my future grandchildren. I would be lying if I said that I don’t hope that another team will pick me up for next season as I think I am more than capable and can play another three seasons. If no one does pick me up that’s fine, I’ll be more than happy to enjoy the rest of my days retired with my family.”

Brad Richards will receive twenty million dollars as severance based on his contract over the next twelve years. That is nothing to be too upset about now is it?

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