McGinn Re-Signed

Jamie McGinn, a left wing player for the Colorado Avalanche’s has been re-signed with the team under a two year contract. This information was revealed by Joe Sakic, an executive for the Colorado Avalanche. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Jamie McGinn was resigned as he has had nineteen goals and nineteen assists during the last season. He is one of the higher placing scorers for his team, making him not only a sought out player by other NHL based hockey teams but also makes him a shoe in for being resigned.

Jamie McGinn

Joe Sakic said the following, “Jamie McGinn has played an important role in our team for the last five years. He has helped us go into the semi finals and he has continued to show his persistence towards better his skills as a professional hockey player. Every practice you can tell that he is putting every bit of effort he possibly can, straining his body until he personally can’t handle it any more. It is this kind of dedication that shows he doesn’t consider his career to just be his job but still his hobby. We look forward to having Jamie McGinn play with the Colorado Avalanche’s for the next two years.”

Jamie McGinn couldn’t be reached for comment. He has never been the one to comment or make statements towards the media. Instead he focuses on perfectly his skills as a professional hockey player, he focuses on spending time with his family and he focuses helping his community around him.

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