DayZ Developer Announces PS4 Title

Bohemian Studios, the company behind the beloved zombie MMO DayZ announced that they’ll be bringing a new game to the Playstation 4 at the end of 2015. This comes as a shock to most as DayZ hasn’t even entered it’s Alpha Stage yet, meaning that the game has yet to be fully completed. Rumors indicate that after Bohemian Studios was able to sell a mass amount of copies of DayZ they used the money they earned towards purchasing new equipment, hiring new employees and getting new software they can use to create games.

Bohemia Interactive

Bohemian Studios made this announcement at a press conference in Russia saying, “We will be releasing a new zombie related MMO for the Playstation 4. This MMO will resemble DayZ in nearly every way and will be running on the Arma 3 engine. We have upgraded the Arma 3 Engine in order to cater towards the power of the Playstation 4. DayZ is still in development for PC Gamers and we will not give up on that title but unfortunately the majority of gamers prefer consoles over personal computers. This is why we also have to create a new MMO for the Playstation 4, fans of DayZ will forget about the game and only want to play our new title currently in development.”

If you want to experience what Bohemian Studios has already created you can do so by downloading DayZ on Steam for $25. You will find a massive open world filled with relentless zombies and men who wish to steal what you have earned, making for a suspenseful experience.

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