Nintendo Possibly Launching New Console

Nintendo, the oldest company in the video game industry announced today that they possibly might be release a new console come the fourth quarter in this year. Nintendo recently launched the Wii U back in early 2013, making analysts believe that it won’t be a new console but it has been a couple of years since the 3DS was released. Analysts believe that an entire new handheld console will be released by Nintendo, trying to recreate the popularity that was the GameBoy.

nintendo mariologo

Inside sources at Nintendo noted that the new console would focus on more adult content such as Call of Duty or Battlefield in order to bring in a wider audience. The core fans of Nintendo will still be able to enjoy games such as Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and more but none the less Nintendo needs to move into different markets. The inside source also noted that Nintendo is already working alongside developers to bring adult like video games to the new console.

The new console is said to boast next generation graphics, allowing for visuals never before seen in a Nintendo console before. The insider employee at Nintendo also said that this new console will be available come the end of this year and that it would be launching with more than thirty games. It is unclear as to what this new console might be but none the less it will be nice to see Nintendo compete against Playstation and Xbox.

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