Need for Speed Skipping 2014

The video game industry was shocked this week after EA announced that Need for Speed would be skipping 2014 in its yearly release cycle. This marks the first time that a Need for Speed game hasn’t been released on a yearly basis in over a decade. This is surprising as it is one of the major competing games every year, the reason for this is because EA wants to spend more time developing the game.

EA Logo

EA released a statement regarding the decision to hold back Need for Speed this year, stating: “We know that fans of this series look forward to a new need for speed game every year. We just truly believe that if we were to release the Need for Speed game we have in development right now, everyone would be disappointed with the quality behind the game. Due to the Next Generation of consoles we want to make sure that the quality of every Need for Speed game is incredible, dawning upon real life and offering an experience unmatched by any of our competing racing franchises. We know that come 2015 when we release the next Need for Speed game everyone will be happy with our decision as the outcome will be a brand new Need for Speed experience.”

Ghost Games wasn’t able to be reached for comment as they are more than likely working on the game right now. We look forward to seeing what the extra year in the development cycle will do for the Need for Speed experience, we suspect that it will be incredible.

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